Business Plan Manual

Save time and money by using the Rink Smart Business Plan Manual

In order to plan a successful business you need a detailed plan.  The problem is that most people don’t complete a plan because either they don’t know what to include in it, or afraid it will cost too much money to have someone else complete it for them.
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You can save both time and money by using our business plan template. Everything is laid out for you in an easy to read format.  Use our business plan as a template and just replace our information with yours.

Simple to fill in Microsoft Excel and Word document files…

Competition Study

Don’t waste time reinventing the wheel.  Our plan is laid out where all you have to do is replace our sample data with your real data and we include explanations in each section ready to guide you through the process.

The Rink Smart Business Plan Manual includes market study, competitive study, and three year financials…

Three Year Operating Plan

Take advantage of the experience we gained by helping build from the ground up seven different facilities.  If you are new to this it’s easy to overlook important costs items or perhaps worse, choose the wrong location. 
These missteps can cost thousands of dollars and literally ruin any real chance of long term success before you even open your doors. How we know that?  Because we have made those mistakes and it has cost us dearly on a few of our facilities.  Here is an opportunity for you not make the same mistakes by using our business plan template.

Learn the most cost effective way to get demographic data for your area…

Market Research Study

Finding reliable demographic data for a geographic are can be challenging.  We will show you the best available method that is very accurate and cost effective.  The charts and data available will give your plan a solid foundation.

Order now and receive a professionally designed facility layout…


Hockey Rink Layout

We even provide you with a professionally design facility layout that includes one soccer and one hockey rink.  This is something we paid over $500 for and we are giving it to you for FREE!

You get all of this for one very affordable price!

  • PDF document of the complete 77-page business plan.
  • Microsoft Word document of the text portion of the plan.
  • Microsoft Excel document of a complete competitive study.
  • Microsoft Excel document of the start-up expenses.
  • Microsoft Excel document of a 3-year financial plan.
  • PDF document of Instructions for all files.
  • All Word and Excel documents are modifiable for your own use.
  • Complete Facility layout in pdf format.
  • Get an immediate download of the entire package!
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